Stock Control Lead

Galway, Ireland

Stock Control Lead. 

We are looking for a Stock Control Team Lead to manage our inventory and ensure best in class inventory management practices.

You will be responsible for stock accuracy, stock location management, inventory audits and managing associated key performance indicators and inventory reports. To be successful in this role, you should be familiar with supply chain procedures and have good communication skills to interact with vendors, clients and internal teams. A proactive approach and ability to interact with all stakeholders is critical.

Ultimately, you will increase profitability and effectiveness by maintaining optimal stock levels of quality products.

Key Responsibilities

  • Maintain accurate record of inventory and stock management according to set standards
  • Develop inventory control models that promote lower cost of sales, shorter lead times, reduced stock levels and optimal locations
  • Supervise the maintenance of a warehouse/storeroom and ensure optimal location and arrangement of stock
  • Work with Warehouse personnel to ensure ongoing maintenance in relation to inventory rules
  • Carry out stock management operations in line with set product/retail policies and procedures
  • Conduct assessment of inventory area to identify risks and develop solutions to address any identified
  • Work alongside warehouse personnel to ensure required products are readily available
  • Oversee storage of products, including fragile and high value items
  • Implement product categorisation based on combination of value and inventory turns
  • Coordinate regular stock requests inventory audits and cycle counting
  • Responsible for ensuring accurate and updated inventory records  
  • Work with Purchasing and Sales respectively to forecast supply and demand to prevent overstocking and running out-of-stock
  • Participate fully in WMS implementation
  • Flexibility to perform other duties when assigned.

Skills & Experience:

  • Proven work experience in a Stock management or similar role
  • Experience within a manufacturing/warehouse environment.
  • Good understanding of supply chain procedures
  • Licensed to drive forklifts
  • Working knowledge of latest inventory management techniques  
  • Active participation in inventory audits
  • Excellent organization skills
  • Good communication and negotiation abilities
  • Experience managing a stock team is preferable 
  • Proficient in using SAP

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